Ginseng solid drink

Source:Site    Date of issue:2021-01-20

【Product name】:Ginseng solid drink

【Main raw materials】:Artificial planting 5 or 4 - year - old ginseng, tuckahoe, glucose

【Specifications 】:8g * 30 bags

【Product details】:Changbai Shanren-brand ginseng solid drink is made of ginseng and tuckacoco, which are special products in Changbai Mountain area. The raw materials are extracted, concentrated and refined with glucose, and the effective ingredients of the raw materials are fully retained. It is easy to drink and tastes mellow.Is your filial piety old man, home gift ideal good product.

Product details

Ginseng added amount: 18g/100g

Ginseng consumption: ≤3 g/day

Specification (net content) : 8g/ bag

Duration and method of drinking: 1 to 2 times a day, one bag each time, 80-100ml warm boiled water infusion taste better

Unsuitable population: pregnant women, lactating women and children under 14 years of age

Caution: should not be eaten with veratrol, five spirit fat, honeycomb, radish, tea

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