All the staff of Li Shengyuan went to Bayuquan for 3 days and 2 nights outdoor activities

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  From Jul. 17th to Jul. 19th, 85 employees of the company went to Bayuquan, Bayuquan, Bayuquan, Bayuquan, Bayuquan, Bayuquan, Bayuquan, Bayuquan, Bayuquan. This activity has greatly improved the teamwork ability and enhanced the employee''s happiness.
  The activity was strongly supported by the chairman of the board of directors and the management of the company. From the determination of travel time, to the choice of travel agencies, and then to the arrangement of tourist attractions and travel itineraries, all of them were carefully prepared. The chairman of the board and the deputy general manager of the company personally asked everyone to pay attention to some matters, emphasizing that the team leader should ensure the safety of the team travel, smooth return.
  The activities include Fushun Royal Ocean Park, Yingkou Hot Spring, Moon Shawan Bonfire Party, Seafood Cafe, and visiting Moon Lake Park and Shanhai Square.
  During the three-day trip, everyone cared for each other and tolerated each other while playing. The staff laughed and took photos all the way. Enjoy as a source of fame and wealth people proud!
  With a full load of pleasure, Li Shengyuan completed this tour successfully. At the same time, we should start to prepare for a new round of work. I believe that everyone will be more energetic, more high enthusiasm into the work!
  Tourism activities as an important part of corporate culture. It not only provides an opportunity for everyone to relax, but also to enjoy the fun of harmonious team life while enjoying the beautiful moment. Enhanced mutual understanding between departments and colleagues. To enhance the enterprise culture, to create a harmonious team to create favorable conditions!

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